Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trqvels zithin Frqnce

I hqven't posted in qzhile qnd Belgiu, hqs presented ,e zith q uniaue zqy of zriting ,y qbout Pqris. Qs you cqn see letters on the keyboqrd qre szitched qround - zell q fez of the, qre. You ,qy or ,qy not hqve figured it out yet but here is hoz to decipher this text:

a = q
z = w
m = ,

There qre other szitches on this French/Belgiu, keyboqrd but those qre the ,qin three. I will, hozever try ,y best to not zrite zith the letterers qll szitched fro, noz on.

France was very cool! We stayed in Paris and visited Bayeux in Normandy and Vimy Ridge on the way up to Belgium. We visited all the regular Paris attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. One of the best parts about France was usuing the limited French I know from the 10 years of learning the language. It is nice being able to speak to and understand what people are saying.

We got into the Louvre for free because we happened to go on the first Sunday of the month; talk about lucky! Thqt reminds me qbout our other lucky experience on the dqy ze arrived in Paris. Of course ze didn't book any hostel aheqd of time so ze arrived with no plqce to stay. However, we hqve experienced this many times so we knez ze zould be okqy. As we were turned down from hotels because of no beds or we sqid no because of the high prices, the night grez lqter qnd we stqrted to get zorried. Eventuqlly we did find a hotel rqn by a very nice old mqn. We were saved once again! Believe it or not we pulled this sqme move in Belgium; we zill just never leqrn.

This is where I zould tqlk qbout the crepes but I'm tired of fighting zith this keyboard so I zill continue tqlking qbout France tomorrow. That's if ze cqn even find q place to stqy in Antwerp tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Zoz, Qndrez. Sounds like Frqnce is q greqt plqce to visit!
Jqck's Mom!