Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Pictures!

I have finally found a good internet cafe just down te street from my hostel. So, I am trying to upload as many pictures as I can right now. I will finish uploading London right now and by the end of this week Edinburgh and Ireland should be up.

We finished touring Dublin today and yes it did only take one day. There really wasn't much to do here. However, the main attraction here could be one of the best on the trip. That is the Guiness Storehouse tour!! Despite drinking the freshest Guiness possible, the tour was very interesting. One little fact was that Arhtur Guiness signed a 9000 year lease for 45 pounds per month.

Other than that we visited Trinity College and plan on visinting Temple Bar later in the week. Starting tomorrow we are going on a 3 day bus tour around the Irsih countryside. It basically goes out to the Atlantic Coast and then back. Unfortunately, we're not 25 so we couldn't rent a car to get out there. However, the PaddyWagon bus tour company has saved us. These tours are supposed to be a lot of fun too so it has worked out for the best that we aren't 25.

Well I better get ready for the early morning tomorrow. I will post on 3 or 4 days from now. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, glad to hear you are having a great time. Amazing all the information on your site.

Looking forward to the next updates..

a.d. and u.t.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew
I am so enjoying following your trip on all of your blogs.That website you found is amazing because you can download your pics as well as give us mini pics ( especially for us in the country deprived with dial-up). Can I have a tutorial when you get home?
You should show Josh and Jack. For them without software they have to download directly or it will compromize their shots to bring back home when downloading straight from the camera.
Gail C